Quite Still

Quite still (guitar and live electronics 1994)

For guitarist Daryl Buckley, commissioned by Elision with funds made available by the ACGB. First performance, Melbourne, July 1994.

The piece is made from a series of fifteen chords which appear, as if frozen by the camera as they collapse like toppled building blocks. These images are then processed, coloured and shaded with articulation, dynamics and the live electronic processing, and become a series of still pictures in the form of a suite.

Quite still was written for the Australian guitarist Daryl Buckley and was commissioned by Elision with funds made available by the Arts Council of Great Britain.

And what is your purpose
in writing music? I do not deal
in purposes; I deal with sounds.
sounds are those? I make
them just as well by sitting quite
still looking for mushrooms.

Growing fast in sawdust.

45' for a speaker, John Cage (in Silence)

Bright at last close of a dark day the sun shines out at last and goes down.
Sitting quite still at valley window normally turn head now and see it the sun
low in the southwest sinking. Even get up certain moods and go stand by western
window quite still watching it sink and then the afterglow.

Still, Samuel Beckett 1973