Recent and upcoming performances:

13 May 2022: Sound Junction May 2022, Sheffiled


10 December 2021: Improvisation course and concert, Estonian Academy of Music and Drama, Tallinn, Estonia

11 December 2020: free improv gig with musicians in Tallinn, Estonia via LoLa low latency streaming

14 March 2020: with Neil Sutcliffe and Joseph McCluskey,  ‘Gaelictronica 2020’ for  Ceòl ‘s Craic, CCA, Glasgow

10 February 2020: Tänavalaul (electroacoustic music) in Sonic Nights at RCS, Glasgow

11-13 December 2019: Improvisation course and concert, Estonian Academy of Music and Drama, Tallinn, Estonia

13, 14, 15, 16 August 2019: Scatter for tuba and electronics (performed by Danielle Price) in The Night With… gigs as part of the Made in Scotland Showcase, Edinburgh Fringe (various venues and times)

6 July 2019: with all we know with Reckless Sleepers, at Dansand!, Oostende, Belgium

4 & 5 May 2019: Des Froschkönigs Blick ins Steinreich at Naturlehrgebiet und Kiesgrube Ettiswil, Switzerland with Urban Mäder

25 March 2019: at The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow with Núria Andorra, Una MacGone, Peter Nicholson, Simon van der Walt and more

23 March 2019:  with Núria Andorra at ESMUC, Barcelona

9 March 2019: with Mairi McGillivray,  ‘Gaelictronica 2019’ for  Ceòl ‘s Craic, CCA, Glasgow

5 January 2019: Final Times at The San Francisco Tape Music Festival

7 December 2018: Improvisatsioonikursuse lõppkontsert, Chamber Hall, Estonian Academy of Music and Drama, Tallinn, Estonia

7 November 2018: with Arnas Mikalkėnas, for Improdimensija, Mama Studios, Vilnius, Lithuania

27 October 2018: – music for A string Section (dance) with Reckless Sleepers part of sound festival and DanceLive festival in The Anatomy Rooms, Aberdeen

19 October 2018: music for Murnau’s 1922 silent film Nosferatu with Vlady Bystrov and Phil Minton at Roter Saal im Schloss Braunschweig.

13 October 2018: Soundings: Percussion Stones, Bodies, Pulses with Alex Wäber, percussion (Basel Chamber Orchestra/Musik Akademie Basel) at Younger Hall, St Andrews.