Flames and Frequencies

Flames and Frequencies (glass percussion and electroacoustic sounds, 2013)

With Carrie Fertig and percussionists Adam Maalouf and Peter Ferry.
Premiered May 10th, 2013 at Rochester Contemporary Art Center, New York State. Selected for the British Crafts Council touring exhibition Real to Reel: film as material in making and The Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass 2014.

Flames and Frequencies: performance for glass percussion and fire stemmed from sounds collected for Glimmer, and extended to a longer (1 hour) performance. In the performance Carrie creates new glass instruments which are added to the array of those played by the percussionist, and whose sounds are manipulated electronically in real time.

“It is a meditative experience, with an effect difficult to describe in words. Deep, relaxed, sensual moments change by fractions and always cascade to new sounds.”

- Neue Presse Coburg

Video: Flames and Frequencies for glass percussion and fire. Performance at Rochester Contemporary Art Centre, NY from Carrie Fertig on Vimeo.

Performance in Coburg, May 2014. Photo credit: Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg (Lutz Naumann)