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electroacoustic music

Scintilla (2013)

Wunderkammer (2010)

Equivalence (2007)

Psychedelian Streams (2004)

Bound for Glory (2002)

Final Times (1998)

The tincture of physical things (2000)

Dreel (1996)

One island (1996)

Kilim (1993)

Busk (composed with Nicholas Virgo, 1988)

(inter)play (1987)

Stiriae (1984)

interactive works and installations

The imagining of things (installation, with Brass Art, 2013)

Silver Wings and Golden Scales (installation, with Jennifer Angus, 2007)

SeaUnsea (for dance and public installation, 2006) with Carol Brown & Mette Ramsgard Thomsen.

Sensuous Geographies with Sarah Rubidge (Creative Scotland Award 2002)

Arachne (electroacoustic music for installation, 1995)

instruments and technology

The Last Post (trumpet, live electronics and text, 2016)

360° Sunset (trumpet and electronics, 2015)

Le Sirenuse (glass percussion and electroacoustic sounds, 2014)

Flames and Frequencies (glass percussion and electroacoustic sounds, 2013)

Glimmer (glass percussion and electroacoustic sounds, 2012)

Mitaki (string quintet & live electronics, 2009)

Scatter (tuba or euphonium & live electronics, 2007)

Mareel (clarsach & live electronics, with Catriona McKay, 2007)

The Quintessence (for soprano, piano, 3 percussion & tape, 2004)

The Salutation (clarsach and tape, 2002)

Inheritance Ark (electroacoustic music, narrator, carnyx, 1998)

ripple (cello and tape, 1996)

Quite still (electric guitar and live electronics, 1994)

Brittle (cello, piano and tape, 1992)

Scuttle (alto flute, live electronics and tape, 1991)

A trace of infinity (amplified ensemble and tape, 1991)

Listen (voices, tape and live electronics, 1990)

improvisation with live electronics

live improvisation projects...

works with dance

Stripped (electroacoustic music for dance, 2002)

Zero into the void (electroacoustic music for dance, 2000)

Memory and other props (electroacoustic music for dance, 1998)

So many islands (mezzo soprano and tape, for dance, 1996)

Making of Maps (electroacoustic music for dance, 1992)

Meeting Point (electroacoustic music for dance, 1990)

other work

Matter and Moisture (electroacoustic music/poetry collaboration with Alexander Hutchison, 2014)

Electra (electroacoustic music/sound design for theatre, 1999)

One thousand and one Lights (electroacoustic music for storytelling, 1994)

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